Introducing Siminstruments and the Dash - in the pursuit of the perfect lap

Now launched from the team at Siminstruments is the most advanced and intuitive dashboard solution for your favourite PC sim racing games.

Created by racing gamers for racing gamers, the Dash is an integrated software and hardware solution designed for providing gamers of the world’s most popular racing titles a vast number of telemetry display options to shave those critical tenth’s of seconds off their lap times, all in an easy to use package.

The Dash currently supports iRacing, rFactor 1 & 2, Assetto Corsa, Project CARS, F1 2012, 2013 & 2014, Game Stock Car 2012 & 2013, GRID Autosport, Euro Truck Simulation 2, FTruck and Copa Petrobras de Marcas Simbin titles - DTM Experience Demo, Race07 and addons, Raceroom Racing Experience, GT Legends, GTR & GTR2.

Third party software support is also now available for the Dash This support now allows the Dash to be used with popular sim titiles including rFactor, Project CARS and SimBin Gtr2 and SimBin Race 07.

Read more about why we started Siminstruments and all of the features of the Dash….

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Dash 2.0 Prototype complete - now moving into production

An upgraded Dash has been under development over the last year and we are now pleased to announce we have reached a significant milestone by finalising the prototype and are now progressing with production of the Dash 2.0.

The new Dash 2.0 comes with same great features as the original with some slight modifications that open up the Dash to provide even more flexibility for the output of telemetry. The Dash 2.0 will have a slight change in its shape with the warning lights now arranged in a vertical alignment, rather than the triangular alignment of the original Dash.

The Dash 2.0 has been quite a while in the making so thanks again to all of you who have been very patient with us while we have been finalising the Dash 2.0 specifications. We wanted to make sure it was a great quality product and although it has taken some additional delay with its design to ensure it was a great quality product, in the end we think it will definitely be worth the wait.

We do know that everyone is keen for us to announce a price and release date so we are working through with our manufacturing partners to get an idea of timeframes with the manufacturing process and we will announce the details on price and availability as soon as we have them here on our website and through our Twitter feed.

We are also planning to release the Dash 2.0 with an enclosure for a nice neat finish. We intend also to release new racing wheel mounts for the Dash 2.0 so it can be used for your favourite racing wheels. Further details will be provided in another update soon.

Thanks again for those that have waited, not long to go now! And for those of you who have not been in touch yet email us at to let us know if you would like to be placed on the waiting list for a brand new Dash 2.0.

We now have another updated sneak peak of the finalisied protoype design of the Dash 2.0 for you to check out the movie below.

Thanks again to you all for your interest. The Guys - James & Brendan

Why a Dash?

The Dash is fully customisable with a huge range of features that give you the best possible chance of cranking out those hot laps. And best of all, you only need to pull it out of the box, plug it in, run the quick software installation and you're away. The Dash gets you on the track quickly and focused on racing rather than having to waste your time on getting it up and running.

Key Features

Easy to use, plug and play easy set up - Set up is quick and painless, getting you out on the track and focused on pulling out those PB lap times.      

Complete integrated solution - You don't have to buy several components and assemble yourself - it just works out of the box.

Software made for the hardware - We know the Dash hardware inside out because we designed it. We developed the software to specifically get the best functionality out of the Dash hardware.        

Ultimate flexibility over telemetry output and display options - Want to change the colour of a warning light, no problem. Want to rearrange your lap times and race position telemetery to different positions on the LCD, easy. Want to show alternative telemetry output while under yellow flags, done. How about having the back-lit LCD change colour depending on if you're currently faster or slower than your best lap time, sure! This is all achieved via the Dash's advanced drag and drop sofware output configuration manager. Couldn't be easier or more intuitive.

Works with popular racing titles - Currently compatible with iRacing and soon to support rFactor, Live for Speed, Project CARS and F1 2012.

High quality construction and built to last - Designed and assembled in Australia from quality components and extensively tested to ensure you get a product that will serve you well lap after lap, race after race. 

Regular free updates to the software - Future updates will provide support for new racing titles as they are released and will add new features to the Dash. 

Full online customer support - Having problems, check out our Simcare support services online giving you access to our Set up guides, Forum support and Hardware Help.        

Fully compatible for Siminstruments hardware add-ons - Including soon to be released wheel mounts and table stands.      

Great value for money - One of the main reasons why we started Siminstruments, we couldn't get sim racing products with the features we wanted! We want to deliver this new product to the sim racing community for a great price. We hope you like it enough to buy it and help support us to continue to develop great products forthe sim racing community.

Dash Surface Mount

The Dash Surface Mount attaches to your Dash and provides the flexibility of a stand and mount allowing to to position the Dash anywhere and fixing it in place through the pre-drilled holes in its base. It is made from premium anodised aluminium and has an acrylic back cover attached an the rear to hide the electronics of the Dash at the back for a clean finish.

Stock of the Dash Surface Mount is available now. Orders can be made in our Store. More information on the Dash Surface Mount can be found on our Dash Stand Products page

Club Sport Wheel Dash Mount

The CSW Dash mount offers a premium quality mount for those who would like to attach their wheel to this wheel base. Manufactured using light weight aluminium and a super high quality anodised brushed metal finish, this mount will look fantatstic in any sim racing set-up.            

CSW mount in Black is has now been released. Orders can be made in our Store. More information on the CSW Dash mount can be found on our Dash Wheel mounts Products page.

Dash Freestanding cover kit

The Dash Freestanding Cover Kit easily attaches to the Dash to give you the flexibility to place the Dash on any flat surface if you would prefer not to mount it on your wheel. It also provides a clean finish for those who prefer not to have the electronics of the Dash exposed on the front and back.

Stock of the Freestanding cover kit is available now. Orders can be made in our Store. More information on the Freestanding cover kit can be found on our Dash Stand Products page

The Siminstruments guys

Siminstruments was founded by two mates who both share a common interest in all things motorsports and PC sim racing.

After spending many sessions racing each other and others on iRacing and F1 2011 & 2012 (too many we care to admit!) we both thought it would be great to have a dashboard product that could give us more detailed telmetry than what was available from our sim games. A product that would give us a competitive edge where we would have complete flexibilty over the telemetry output which could help us with our corner speed, racing lines etc and ultimately let us consistenly improve our lap times. The search began….

The guys behind Siminstruments and the Dash, James and Brendan, are based in Brisbane, Australia, and founded the company to focus on creating great sim racing products for the sim racing community out there and for themselves too!

Simistruments' goal is to specialise in creating great sim racing products with advanced features that are easy to use and offer great value for money.  We hope that we get enough support from the sim racing community for us to continue to chase our goals at Siminstruments. Thanks.

Latest Updates

New Dash 2.0 to launch soon!.

The Dash 2.0 will have the same great features as the original but with some mods to provide even more telemetry options.

For a sneak peak at the beta version of the Dash 2.0 ckeck out the movie here on our YouTube channel.

More updates will be provided on our website and Twitter feed regarding the date stock will be available.

To be placed on our waiting list email us at

Latest Updates

New stock of the Dash is now available from our Store.

Insidesimracing have just released their latest review of the Dash.  

Check out the review and their thoughts on it at today.

Also check some recent reviews of the Dash by Doug Meyer at

You can also see also see the Dash in action on an in/out lap here on YouTube.

Latest Updates

CSW Black Dash mount now released. This is our second colour released for the CSW Dash mount. High quality aluminium mount with anodised brushed metal finish to attach to a Fanatec CSW wheel.

The initial release of the limited edition CSW Red/Pink mount is now out of stock and will not be continued.

More details are on the Home page below and in our Dash wheel mounts Products page.

Available now from our Store.        

Latest Updates

Third party support is now available for the Dash from SimSli to use the Dash with popular sim racing titles including rFactor, Project CARS, SimBin Gtr2 and SimBin Race 07.  

Upgraded Freestanding Cover Kit also now available. The kit now includes a black acrylic faceplate to cover the PCB componentry and provides a cleaner finish.

More details available downloaded from the bottom of this page and on the Dash stand page.